The Journal of Learning for Development (JL4D) published a series of articles on “Leaders in Distance Education around the world” in 2017. The series was very popular and served to showcase key players in the development and strengthening of policy, research and practice in open and distance learning.

We are now planning a new series on “Leaders in Online Learning” around the world. There will be seven papers, spread across several issues, which will cover the following regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, the Pacific, North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. These papers will be published over the next 3-5 issues of JL4D.

We are seeking researchers who will contribute a paper to this series, each focusing on a specific region. In order to express your interest, please submit a proposal which covers the following: the region of focus of your paper, methodology to identify the leaders and expected timeline to submit the full paper. Please also include a brief CV.

For the purpose of the papers, we are considering leaders as those who have made a substantial contribution to the field of online learning in terms of research, policy and practice. Online learning is a generic term used to cover education in a networked world, covering early use of computer-mediated communication, web-based learning, blended learning, and the recent developments in massive open online courses, open educational resources, etc amongst others.

Your proposals may be sent to Anne Gaskell, Chief Editor, JL4D at